The villages of Tzoumerka, called Tzoumerkohoria, which together with their settlements reach 65, were divided into three prefectures. Of these, according to the last administrative division 33 are included in the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka (Ioannina), with a total area of 300.000 acres, 26 in the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka (Arta), total area 950.000 acres and 6 in Trikala Regional Unity, total area 200.000 acres.

Some of the most famous villages in the area are Syrrako – Kalarrytes – Pramanta – Kataraktis – Matsouki etc.

Wildlife and mountains, picturesque villages, monasteries, rivers, old watermills and other rare beauties are worth visiting all the lovers of virgin nature!

We can organize a day tour and tour around the region of Tzoumerka, take your transfer on the hiking routes, and even transport you to the hotels in the area.

You can also combine your excursion with activities like rafting in Arachthos and Kalarrytiko river, canyoning, trekking etc.

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