Zagori with a total of 46 traditional villages, is one of the best choices for visitors to Ioannina and Epirus in general.

Some of the most famous villages are Monodendri, Kipoi, Vitsa, Vradeto, Kapesovo, Aristi, Vikos and Papingo.

With famous sightseeing, Vikos Gorge, Agia Paraskevi, skala Vendeto, Beloi, stone bridges, Drakolimni, Astraka, Voidomatis etc. are worth visiting for at least one day to admire the beautiful Zagori!

We can organize your travel and tour around the whole region of Zagori, take your travel on the hiking routes, and even transfer you to the hotels in the area.

You can also combine your excursion with activities like rafting at Voidomatis, canyoning, trekking etc.

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